Best Nursing Schools in Florida

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Top 10 Registered Nursing Schools in Florida

To help you get started, this article compiles a list of the top 10 registered nursing schools in Florida.

1.  University of Florida

2. Jacksonville University

3. University of Miami

4. Florida State University

5. University of South Florida

6. Nova Southeastern University

7. University of Central Florida

8. Florida Southern College

9. University of North Florida

10. Florida International University

Florida has some of the best nursing programs in the country and several high-paying and secure job possibilities. Nurses understand the importance of attending the correct colleges in order to receive the greatest quality education possible, especially if they have long-term professional goals.

Continue reading to learn more about the top ten registered nursing schools in Florida.

1. University of Florida

Students who qualify for in-state tuition would be hard pressed not to include the University of Florida on their choice of institutions. Florida boasts a reputable BSN program, as well as a DNP and Ph.D. programs.

Students cannot obtain an MSN at Florida, but they do have a BSN to DNP programs – something to consider if you want to pursue a doctorate. In addition to a high-quality education, you will have the opportunity to participate in Gainesville’s dynamic student life!

Annual in-state tuition is $6,380, and the university has an NCLEX pass rate of 95.93 percent.

The University of Florida College of Nursing consistently recruits and retains the top of the class nursing students and professors with a love for science and caring. UF Nurse graduates go on to become leaders in hospitals, colleges, and health care organizations, all while advocating exceptional patient care.

Gainesville, Florida, is home to the University of Florida. Gainesville is a city in the state of Florida’s northwestern region. It is well-known for housing the University of Florida. The Florida Museum of Natural History, located on the large site, features fossils and ethnographic displays.

It is home to hundreds of free-flying butterflies and birds, as well as the Butterfly Rainforest. The Harn Museum of Art contains a large collection of Asian and African art, and The Matheson History Museum are two more attractions.

2. Jacksonville University

Jacksonville University, widely regarded as one of the greatest institutions in the South, provides everything a student would expect from a private school. The tuition may be a touch expensive, but nursing students at Jacksonville University have lots of alternatives.

In addition to their traditional BSN program, Jacksonville University offers an online RN to BSN degree. Also, on-campus students can enroll in their RN to MSN program. This allows students to skip straight to a graduate degree – an excellent option for current registered nurses (RNs).

Annual in-state tuition is $42,250, and the university has an NCLEX pass rate of 93.97 percent.

The Jacksonville University Keigwin School of Nursing is committed to ensuring each student’s success as a self-assured, clinically competent, caring professional nurse who practices in an evolving, complex health care environment that provides leadership to promote health. It advances nursing knowledge through evidence-based practice and life-long learning.

Jacksonville University is situated in Jacksonville, Florida. As of 2020, Jacksonville is the most populated city in Florida and the biggest city by area in the contiguous United States.

3. University of Miami

The University of Miami, another prestigious private institution, may be more expensive than other possibilities, but for good cause. With BSN, MSN, and DNP programs (as well as other specialties) offered, most nursing students will be able to find a degree that suits them at the University of Miami.

Each program also prepares students to pass any tests that may be required after graduation, with the majority of BSN students passing the NCLEX on their first attempt.

Annual in-state tuition is $53,112, and the university has an NCLEX pass rate of 98.51 percent.

Students in the School of Nursing and Health Studies are educated to impact lives and health care across the hemisphere through education, research, innovation, and service.

Coral Gables, Florida, is home to the University of Miami. Coral Gables is a city in Florida near Miami. It is home to the 1920s Venetian Pool, which was sculpted from a rock quarry and has grottoes, towers, and a bridge.

Matheson Hammock Park, with its tranquil beach, bayfront pool, and full-service marina, is the nearest beach to Coral Gables. This is a fantastic family-friendly beach that is naturally fed by the waves of Biscayne Bay.

4. Florida State University

It’s difficult to compete with the low tuition expenses of public Florida institutions! Aside from the affordable in-state tuition, the expedited BSN and MSN Nurse Leadership programs are two of Florida State University’s attractions.

The accelerated BSN program is full-time and year-round, but degrees are finished more quickly, and it demonstrates devotion to employers. The MSN Nurse Leadership program is globally recognized and trains nursing students to be workplace leaders. FSU is a good option for those who want to start their profession as soon as possible.

Annual in-state tuition is $5,666, and the university has an NCLEX pass rate of 94.74 percent.

The College of Nursing at Florida State University teaches clinicians, leaders, academics, and advanced practitioners who can improve the quality of life for individuals of various cultures, socioeconomic levels, and geographic regions.

Tallahassee, Florida is home to Florida State University. Tallahassee is Florida’s state capital. Tallahassee has a small-town vibe to it and is quite safe. The crime rate in Tallahassee around the institutions is much lower than in other parts of town.

5. University of South Florida

The University of Florida, which is located in Tampa, is ideal for students who want to study in a dynamic metropolitan setting. USF is also a wonderful option for nursing students who wish to be ready to work immediately following graduation.

Over 90% of nursing degree graduates at all levels are hired upon graduation, and nurses often start their careers with higher-than-average pay. USF is also the top research-funding school in Florida, which graduate-level nurses may be interested in.

Annual in-state tuition is $6,368 per year, and the university has an NCLEX pass rate of 94.04 percent.

Students are instructed to aspire to live up to the purpose of educating future nurses, advancing nursing research, and implementing evidence-based clinical practice to enhance health and wellbeing by utilizing the core values of excellence, innovation, inclusivity, and respect.

Tampa, Florida, is home to the University of South Florida. Tampa is a city on Florida’s Gulf Coast located on Tampa Bay. It is a significant economic hub as well as a cultural center with museums and other cultural activities.

Busch Gardens is an incredibly themed entertainment park that has thrilling rides and animal watching facilities. The historic Ybor City area, is now a dining and nightlife magnet.

6. Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University has a very cheap tuition cost for a private, non-profit institution — and it helps that the majority of students get some type of financial aid. The entry-level BS in Nursing program at Nova Southeastern University is the nursing school’s centerpiece.

This program is available in Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and Miami, so the option is yours! Nova educates nurses for professional professions, and there are several graduate-level opportunities available.

Annual in-state tuition is $27,700, and the university has an NCLEX pass rate of 91.97 percent.

As a selective doctoral research university, the Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing’s mission is to provide innovative academic programs in a dynamic, lifelong learning and research environment that fosters academic excellence, integrity, leadership, and community service through engaged students, faculty, and staff.

Nova Southeastern University is in Fort Lauderdale-Davie, Florida. Fort Lauderdale is a city on Florida’s southern coast famed for its beaches and canals for boating. The strip is a promenade that runs along the oceanside motorway. It is surrounded by upmarket outdoor restaurants, bars, shops, and luxury hotels.

Other attractions include the International Swimming Hall of Fame, which has pools and a memorabilia museum, as well as Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, which has trails and a lagoon.

7. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida, one of the most affordable options on this list, takes pride in having accessible nursing programs, particularly for online students and veterans. This, however, does not diminish the quality of their undergraduate and graduate nursing programs for on-campus students.

The conventional BSN is still the program’s centerpiece, and all recent graduates passed the NCLEX on their first try. Considering the cost and the outcome, UCF should be on the short list of any Florida citizen.

Annual in-state tuition is $6,368 per year, and the university has an NCLEX pass rate of 96.64 percent.

The mission of the University of Central Florida College of Nursing is to provide students with great individualized nursing care, to do research and scholarship that has an influence on practice and advances health justice, and to produce graduates who care, lead, and inspire.

Orange County, Florida, is home to the University of Central Florida. Orange County is bursting with excitement, arts, culture, sports, recreation, and economic opportunity, in addition to its world-class international airport, the second-largest convention center in the United States, and blockbuster theme parks and entertainment alternatives.

8. Florida Southern College

Southern College, located in Lakeland, Florida, is one of the smaller colleges on this list, with a total enrollment of just over 3,000 students. Florida Southern University does not have many degree options for nurses, but the ones it does have are significant.

According to its website, their Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is “a leadership oriented curriculum designed to enable graduates to develop and implement system-level reforms.” Nurses who complete their MSN program might work as a nurse practitioner or a nurse educator.

Florida Southern will launch an MSN/Administrative Leadership track and credential option in the autumn of 2020. There’s also a direct-entry BSN program with a 94.44 percent NCLEX pass rate for recent graduates. In-state tuition costs $33,980 per year.

Florida Southern College integrates cutting-edge technology and hands-on clinical experiences with traditional classroom instruction. You will understand the reality of dealing with individuals, families, communities, and other healthcare professions via hands-on nursing clinical experiences.

9. University of North Florida

The University of North Florida, located in Jacksonville’s historic district, is another component of the Florida public education system. The nursing school was chosen as the flagship program of the University of North Florida a little more than a decade ago.

As a result, four BSN track choices, including an expedited BSN, and four graduate degree programs, have been developed. The care they offer to all nursing students is tough to compare, and with fantastic in-state tuition, UNF is a school that any Floridian should consider.

Annual in-state tuition is $6,368 per year, and the university has an NCLEX pass rate of 96.40 percent.

The University of North Florida strives to be a nursing education center of excellence, recognized for innovation and service in the preparation of professional nurses who advocate for the health and collaboratively care for individuals, families, communities, and populations across the life cycle in a variety of settings.

10. Florida International University

With almost 54,000 students, there aren’t many colleges in the country that are larger than Florida International University. While FIU has a good BSN program, their Nurse Anesthetist program is the most appealing.

Students who complete the program and become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) receive an MSN, which opens doors to a variety of professional opportunities. FIU is also Florida’s sole public research university, which attracts graduate students.

Annual in-state tuition is $14,390, and the university has an NCLEX pass rate of 92.74 percent.

The FIU Nursing department’s objective is to teach, conduct research, and serve the community. Our department supports the objective of the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing; Health Sciences, which is to equip diverse healthcare professionals to be providers and leaders in the delivery of high-quality, accessible, culturally competent care in a technologically and globally connected world.

Through multidisciplinary research, the college promotes, enhances, and verifies scientific knowledge and evidence-based practice.


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