Can Nursing.Com Prep Academy Help You Pass the NCLEX?

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Struggling to find nursing school help? Trust us, we get it! The overwhelming majority of students despise textbooks and are looking for ways to increase their understanding without more reading. So, you are not alone.

Thankfully, there are multiple online NCLEX prep academies and schools — one of the biggest being

But does it really help you to pass the all-important exams? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Nursing.Com Prep Academy? is an online learning platform designed to help you improve your understanding, fill in any knowledge gaps, and kick the intense overwhelming feelings that come with nursing school away.

This academy has served and is now trusted by a high number of studying and current nurses (over 270,000, to be exact).

The supplemental learning platform was set up to combat the heart-wrenching 28% of nursing students who never graduate due to unjust stress, countless textbooks, and bone-achingly boring powerpoints.

The brains behind the entire Nursing.Com entity have ensured that each of their students improves their lowest grade by at least 15%. How? By providing the following tools to help aid study sessions and zoom accurately through exams:

  • Supportive community — Regardless of the specific course you choose, you will have access to the Nursing Family. Everyone is extremely friendly and will support you during your studies. After all, everybody is in the same boat!
  • Mobil app — Studying on the go is a lot easier with the smartphone app. You don’t have to lug multiple textbooks around.
  • Visual study support — This includes Picmonics and cheat sheets. 
  • NCLEX practice questions — With over 6,000 NCLEX style questions, you’ll be able to get used to the format before entering the real examination.
  • Video courses — No more hunching over textbooks or highlighting printables!

We will discuss all the features in more detail later on. But for now, let us move on to discussing the specific courses offered by Nursing.Com so you can decide whether they have the NCLEX prep for you.

What Courses Does Nursing.Com Offer?

Nursing.Com provides courses for all aspects of nursing school help. They split them into four categories so you can easily search for and select the right one for you. These categories are as follows:

  • Pre-Nursing
  • Nursing Student
  • NCLEX Prep
  • New Grad Nurses

We’re almost ready to conquer the ultimate “does Nursing.Com really help you pass the NCLEX?” question. However, it’s worth knowing the extent of each category before we do that.

The Pre-Nursing Courses

Under pre-nursing, you will find the courses in the table below:

Course NameNumber of Lessons
Anatomy and Physiology56
HESI (Health and Environmental Science Institute) Prep Course49
Human Growth and Development22
Introduction to Psychology11
Language Arts9
Medical Terminology20
Nursing School Preparation18
TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Prep Course29

The Nursing Student Courses

Under nursing student, you will find the courses in the table below:

Course NameNumber of Lessons
ABG (Arterial Blood Gases)12
Communication for Nurses9
Community Health Nursing17
Diagnostic Testing19
EKG/ECG (Electrocardiogram)20
Fluids and Electrolytes13
Fundamentals of Nursing75
Health Assessments18
Human Growth and Development22
IV Insertion Course for Nurses (Steps, Skills and Techniques)26
Lab Values35
Live Video Archive44
Med Surg Gastrointestinal and Renal Care for the NCLEX17
Med Surg Cardiac31
Med Surg EENT (Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat)7
Med Surg Gastrointestinal19
Med Surg Genitourinary27
Med Surg Hematology/Oncology/Immunology35
Med Surg Integumentary8
Med Surg Metabolic25
Med Surg Musculoskeletal13
Med Surg Neuro37
Med Surg Respiratory30
Medical Terminology20
Mental Health26
Nursing Care Plans148
Nursing Case Studies45
Concept Maps14
OB (Obstetrics)77
Perioperative Nursing20
Pharmacology Nursing266
Test Taking for Nurses22

The NCLEX Prep Courses

Under NCLEX prep, you will find the courses in the table below:

Course NameNumber of LessonsNCLEX Community Health Nursing7NCLEX Fundamentals27NCLEX Maternal Nursing45NCLEX Cardiac Care21NCLEX Diagnostics and Periop19NCLEX Hematology, Oncology, and Endocrine Care18NCLEX Integument, Vision, Hearing, and Musculoskeletal11NCLEX Neuro Care18NCLEX Nursing Sciences and Laboratories27NCLEX Respiratory Care11NCLEX Mental Health15NCLEX Pediatrics44NCLEX Pharmacology47NCLEX Test Taking21

The New Grad Nurses Courses

Under new grad nurses, you will find the courses in the table below:

Course NameNumber of Lessons
Diagnostic Testing19
Emergency Nursing31
First Year as a Nurse30
Life Support5
Nursing Career Paths20
Nursing Clinical 360153
Interviews and Resumes10
Reports and Communication13
Perioperative Nursing20
Transition to Practice6

Can Nursing.Com Really Help You Pass the NCLEX?

Now that you are all clued-up on the ins and outs of Nursing.Com as a learning platform, can it actually help you pass the NCLEX?

The answer, in short, is yes! The online academy boasts a 200% Pass Rate Guarantee that is yet to be argued with. But you don’t need to just take our word for it. Take a look at the reviews of past and presents nurses:

  • “I was crying every week but this course has helped me to turn myself into someone motivated and passionate.” — Mercedes, RN
  • “My grades have skyrocketed.” — Clyde, RN
  • “I’m enjoying nursing school because of Nursing.Com!” — Libby
  • “Passed my final with Nursing.Com!” — Laurie V
  • “Thank you for all the great advice.” — Amanda

You can find even more reviews here if you need a little more convincing.

The question now is — what makes Nursing.Com so good? Well, the no-to-little textbook use is perhaps the biggest factor here! However, the geniuses behind this learning platform have developed research-based tools and plans that help you conquer your NCLEX exams (and any other nursing school help you require).

Let us dive deeper into all of the features that combine to make this platform one of the best for passing the NCLEX.

#1 Short-From Video Courses

Each video course is a mere 10 minutes long that has been created by experts over 12 hours. The tutors do the brunt of the hard work thanks to their trademarked Core Content Mastery Method that has been made following techniques that help you to become a master faster.

All the educators go through intense training on the patented mastery method and you won’t see the lesson until it has undergone a rigorous three-step approval.

#2 Visual Study Tools Encompassing All Learning Styles

Upon purchase, you will receive access to a bunch of learning tools such as downloadable notes, cheatsheets, care plans, ebooks, mnemonics, Picmonics, and 3D anatomy models. With over 2,000 resources, everything you need to know will be remembered easily.

#3 NCLEX Practice Questions

Practice makes perfect and Nursing.Com has truly made this one of their core practices by providing more than 6,000 NCLEX style questions for you to study with.

They have a dedicated team of NCLEX question writers (NCSBN trained, of course) that develop each practice question as if it was the real deal.

Thanks to the sheer number of questions, you can spend around 200 hours just using them and nothing else.

#4 Study Plan Customization

Inside the learning platform, you will find the study plan builder that allows you to pick lessons that correspond with your syllabus or revision timetable. It takes almost no time at all to be up and running with your enhanced timetable.

If you don’t feel like customizing it, however, you can always pick from some of the pre-made plans.

#5 Unbeatable Nursing Community

Each Nursing.Com student gets unlimited access to the private Facebook group giving you a positive place to support your fellow nurses (and for them to support you back!). 

#6 Mobile App for On-The-Go Studying

Everyone at Nursing.Com understands that your time is valuable — especially while you’re studying. This spurred the team on to generate a mobile app that allows you to study regardless of where you are. Oh, and it even comes with audio lessons so you can learn while you drive!

How Much Does Nursing.Com Cost?

The last factor we need to discuss is the cost. With all these amazing features and exclusive access rights you would imagine that you have to pay a boatload to use the platform.

Well, that isn’t necessarily true.

Nursing.Com offers a three-day trial period for a single dollar. Yep, for just $1, you can begin to love your nursing studies and fast-track your way to success.

After that, you will either pay $29 per month or choose the 2-year access bundle to save 42%!

The Bottom Line

There is nothing like passing your NCLEX the first time — and Nursing.Com Prep Academy can help you do that with innovative learning methods and concise video lessons. What are you waiting for? It’s pretty much a risk-free purchase since if you don’t like it after the three-day trial, you’ve lost just $1!


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