Wound VAC review for nursing students and nurses – Skills

Wound VAC

Wound VAC review for nursing students and nurses – Skills While there may be several different models of wound vacs in the healthcare setting, the basic concepts are the same.  Please check your facilities policies and procedures prior to using these machines. Vacuum-Assisted Closure Therapy also known in the healthcare facilities as Wound Vac have … Read more

Foley Catheter Insertion – Nursing skills

Foley Catheter insertion for nursing students

How to insert, remove and care for a patient with a Foley catheter Policies/Procedures: 1. Identify the patient using the required two patient identifiers. 2. Verify that the patient is not allergic to latex, iodine or betadine. If the patient is sensitive or allergic to latex, replace the catheter in the kit with a silicone … Read more

The Eyes Anatomy and Memory Aid

The Eyes Here is a quick picture on the eyes and the abbreviations that go with them.                                   OU = Both eyes OD = Right eye OS = Left eye Anatomy of the eye Retina: Layer of the receptor … Read more

How to check pulses – Skills

How to check pulses This article will give a brief synopsis on how to take your pulse or your patients pulse. The pulse is the heart rate, or how many times your heart beats per minute (BPM).  While pulses rates differ from person to person, it is also important to note that the pulse in … Read more

Normal and Adventitious Lung Sounds tutorial for nursing students

Normal and Adventitious Lung Sounds What are lung sounds Lungs sounds are the same as breath sounds or respiratory sounds, these sounds can be heard (auscultated) on the anterior (front) and posterior (back) of the patients chest wall using a stethoscope. Normal Breath Sounds Normal lung sounds are classified as bronchial, tracheal, or bronchovesicular. When … Read more