Burns NCLEX Questions (75 Questions)

Burns NCLEX Questions 75

“Burns NCLEX Questions” offer invaluable practice tests specifically designed to prepare student nurses for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Aspiring nurses undergo rigorous training to ensure they provide safe and competent care to patients. One critical milestone in their journey is passing the NCLEX, a standardized exam that determines their eligibility for nursing licensure. … Read more

What is a Nurse Intern: Definition and Responsibilities

What is a Nurse Intern

A nurse intern is a healthcare professional who is still in training. They work under the supervision of a registered nurse, providing direct patient care and performing various clinical tasks. Nurse interns are typically nursing students who are looking for hands-on experience in a hospital or medical facility. As a nurse intern, the responsibilities may … Read more

What is a Bedside Nurse? Understanding the Role and Responsibilities

what is a bedside nurse

A bedside nurse is a critical aspect of healthcare that involves providing direct patient care in various clinical settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, and residential care facilities. Many nursing students often ask, what is bedside nursing? Bedside nurses are responsible for administering medications, taking vital signs, changing linens, and coordinating patient care. They also … Read more

What Does NPO Mean in Nursing? Explained.

what does npo mean

If you are a nursing student or a healthcare professional, you may have encountered the term NPO. NPO is a medical abbreviation “nil per os,” a Latin phrase that translates to “nothing by mouth.” In nursing, NPO is a standard order given to patients who are not allowed to eat or drink anything orally for … Read more

What Does PRN Mean in Nursing?

What does PRN Mean

As a nurse, you may come across several medical abbreviations you may not be familiar with. One such abbreviation is PRN. PRN is commonly used in the nursing profession, and it stands for “pro re nata,” which is Latin for “as needed.” The term PRN is used to indicate that a medication or treatment should … Read more