Nursing Diagnosis for Spinal Cord Injury: Understanding the Assessment Process

nursing diagnosis for spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating event that can cause significant physical, emotional, and financial burden on the affected individual and their families. The injury can result from trauma or non-traumatic causes such as motor vehicle accidents, infections, tumors, or degenerative diseases. SCI can cause a wide range of complications such as paralysis, loss … Read more

Nursing Diagnosis for Seizures: Assessment and Management

nursing diagnosis for seizures

Seizures are a common neurological disorder that affects people of all ages. It is a sudden and uncontrolled burst of electrical activity in the brain that can cause abnormal muscle movements, sensations, and consciousness. Sometimes a Seizure occurs due to various conditions such as head or brain injury, stroke, brain tumors, or genetic factors. Nursing … Read more

Disturbed Sensory Perception Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan

disturbed sensory perception nursing diagnosis

Disturbed Sensory Perception is a NANDA nursing diagnosis that pertains to an alteration in the response to stimuli, which can be either a weaker or a stronger response to them. The client may also have an impaired or distorted response to incoming stimuli, such as in the case of schizophrenia or other psychiatric disorders. This … Read more