Best Nursing Schools in Georgia

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Top 10 Registered Nursing Schools in Georgia

To be a qualified and highly skilled nurse, the first step always starts with finding a good and suitable school. The good news is that there are several institutions in Georgia that provide excellent nursing education.

The advantages are plentiful, including low hostel fees for out-of-state students, and tuition fees that are within an affordable reach.

Choosing a nursing school includes many factors to consider and deliberate over before finally applying and enrolling. To make searching less arduous, here is a comprehensive list of some of the best nursing schools in Georgia.

1. Georgia Southern University

When it comes to affordability, Georgia Southern University is one of the nursing schools that come into mind. This public institution teaches over 19,000 nursing students and has campuses situated in the great towns of Statesboro and Savannah, Georgia. Apart from being on the inexpensive side, if a student nurse is looking for a great school that offers philosophical and research-based training, Georgia Southern University might tick all the boxes.

The institution’s nursing programs are accredited by CCNE, ACME, COA, and ACEN. In addition, their LPN program is also distinguished by NLNAC. This nursing institution is deemed as one of the premier nursing schools in the area that provides certifications for doctoral degree programs if one wishes to further their professional career.

Being a nursing student at Georgia Southern University has its merits. The institution’s nursing program is student-centered, ensuring clinical training to pre-license students using simulation labs.

Clinical rotations are made available with a wide variety of sites such as in the community, outpatient, and hospital across Savannah and Statesboro.  In 2021, Georgia State University was recognized as one of the best nursing institutions that facilitates excellence in online education.

Students interested in becoming R.N.s may enroll in Georgia Southern University, with a recent NCLEX pass rate of 75.56%. Although its NCLEX rate may not be better than other universities listed in this article, their estimated annual in-state tuition of $7,158 and 82% acceptance rate compensate for it.

2. Georgia State University

Georgia State University is a good choice if you are looking for a diverse, socially and culturally engaging nursing school. Georgia State University is situated at the heart of Atlanta, where students have the chance to immerse themselves in varying cultures and perspectives.

One of the main pillars of being a nurse is approaching people who have different backgrounds, and with the right amount of impact and role, this can help hone the student’s social skills to engage with his or her patients in the future. With its strong community and environment, this is also an excellent institution to grow a student’s network and public health experience.

Georgia State University is a public research university ranked 97th in the Best Nursing Schools for Masters Degree and 100th in Doctor of Nursing Practice, making it an ideal institution for students aspiring to become R.N. Its Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) allows advancement and specialization in healthcare settings such as pediatric primary care nurse practitioner, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, and the like.

Not only does GSU embrace a diverse student body, but it also provides a ton of internship opportunities to its students. Its nursing program has a number of clinical sites where students can have hands-on training. Add to that, the institution endows students with a chance to work with human simulator models in their highly regarded laboratories.

Georgia State University’s NCLEX passing rate is 91% in 2021, while its acceptance rate is 82%. Not too bad, considering its annual in-state tuition which is roughly about $9,286.

3. Augusta University

Following GSU is another public research school which is Augusta University, primarily recognized for its accelerated program spanning about four semesters. The Augusta University is housed in Augusta, Georgia, and its location provides several internship opportunities from several partnered hospitals within the area.

Their nursing program trains students in a collaborative, cohort team that engages students in a spread-out learning environment. Clinical rotations are provided with several hospital affiliations in the area. Soon, this institution will allow students to work and perform preventive care for patients with acute and chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

The university has several centers and departments dedicated to advancing nursing practice and education, including the Department of Biobehavioral Nursing, Centers for Nursing Research, Nurse-managed Health Center, and Interdisciplinary Simulation Center.

Unquestionably, the nursing program of Augusta University is guaranteed to equip students with the required clinical and practical training through their interdisciplinary simulation centers that mimic realistic clinic environments.

Correspondingly, their annual in-state fees are also on the affordable side. With an NCLEX pass rate of 90% in 2021 and a yearly in-state tuition of $8,648, this university is the ideal nursing school for comprehensive nursing education and training.

4. Georgia Southwestern State University

The in-state tuition of this university is one of the many attractive highlights’ students take into consideration. But besides being affordable, its outstanding amenities are a reasonable avenue to look into. Georgia Southwestern State University is situated in Americus, Georgia, and has been in service since 1906.

GSW is a reputable institution, often included in the top-performing nursing schools. Its nursing program ensures that the curriculum will prepare students for practice and hands-on clinical experience. Their faculty refine and encourage student interactions; that’s why this institution employs varied clinical setups and learning environments.

Given its remarkable history, there’s no denying the University’s distinctive efforts in raising nursing education. In fact, GSW has about a hundred partnered hospitals, clinics, communities, and regional health centers.

With the diverse demographic background of these areas, students are likely to develop good rural care practices, which is this University’s primary point of focus.

Their NCLEX pass rate is about 91%, with annual in-state tuition of $5,000, however admittance may come across as critical with only 73% acceptance rate.

5. Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University is renowned for its grand premises, with its land stretching for about 500 acres and a student population of about 40,000. It is a part of the 50 largest public institutions.

Still, among its many distinctions, its nursing program is by far the largest and most esteemed setting across several nursing schools in Georgia. It is ranked among the best universities focused on rural care with a good track record for about 45 years.

The state university’s nursing program is guaranteed to provide excellent teaching through its globally competitive facilities. And this is not far from the truth since this institution has one of the highest NCLEX pass rates of about 95.16%, coupled with annual in-state tuition of $7,432 in 2019. 

This nursing school provides students with clinical rotations in several affiliated hospitals and healthcare centers, including Health System, Homestead hospice, Tanner Medical Center, and other health institutions in Atlanta’s metropolitan area.

6. Georgia College & State University

Georgia College & State University initially started as a higher education institution which was exclusive for women years ago, but it has opened to all genders and has a diverse student body nowadays. GCSU has a semi-competitive acceptance rate of about 80%.

It directly reflects the U.S. Department of Education rankings, where it is considered one of the best colleges for public health in the nation. Alongside its leading programs is its nursing program, accredited by NLNAC and validated by the Georgia Board of Nursing.

GCSU’s nursing program is focused on honing competitive nurses that can functionally perform in a comprehensive setting. Georgia College & State University concentrates on several facets such as nursing administration, family practice nursing, nursing practice, and adult health nursing. That being so, its course offerings are likely to propel its students to become proficient with their respective fields.

GCSU provides students the chance to work with nursing simulation mannequins that can elicit human responses such as sweating and urination. Following their highly-technology-driven health encounters are clinical rotations provided in acute management centers.

If you are looking for a nursing school with a specific specialization in mind, such as mental health nursing, then this institution might be the one for you.  In addition to providing robust nursing education and many perks, the institution’s NCLEX rate is at par with other nursing schools, with a 95.6% pass rate and an average annual tuition of $7,5508.

7. University of West Georgia

Among the top tier of nursing schools in the state, the University of West Georgia in Carrollton does not lag behind. Given its great reputation, this is a terrific place to start your nursing career. The institution offers a traditional track that can be completed in as little as two years. And for each school year, the institution has roughly about 59% of acceptance rate.

The university’s nursing program is accredited by CCNE. Additionally, an NCLEX ranking of 22nd and 426th in the U.S., which are decent places in the list to acquire a nursing degree. Students are given the opportunity to a preceptorship program, thanks to its partnership with Tanner Health System, which aims to distribute nurses in sparring communities.

Diversity is one of the main pillars a nurse will encounter, and without a doubt, the ample opportunities to meet different people and enhance both mental and social skills in this nursing school are remarkable. Their nursing program boasts two nursing experiential learning centers, one for each campus. This is where students can acquire the practical skills that they need in a modern healthcare setting.

Being a student at the University of West Georgia grants you the prospect of working in about 150 hospital affiliations and other healthcare providers of Peach state. Their NCLEX pass rate is also attractive, with approximately 91.35% pass rate and an affordable in-state tuition of $4,264 in 2019.

8. Columbus State University

Much like other universities in the state of Georgia, Columbus State University offers several program types, including family nursing. The MSN can be offered via their highly esteemed online nursing program which is guaranteed to land their students a hundred percent employment.

What’s even more surprising is that the degree can be completed within one year. Students can explore the several opportunities this institution has to provide but to start off, their nursing program is accredited by CCNE, ACEN, ACME, and COA. The university’s RN-BSN program tops the list of program rankings, taking in the 30th spot nationally. They also give out a variety of programs, from licensed practical nurse certificates to ADNs.

The institution places a campus lab and high-tech clinical classrooms for students’ use among its many amenities. Students can enhance their skills since the institution has a low student-to-instructor ratio, roughly about 16:1, and provides a collaborative space to assimilate on.

Graced with outdoor establishments and natural environments, the student’s educational experience would indeed be worthwhile. The school’s NCLEX pass rate is 90%, and it has an annual in-state fee of $7,334. Meanwhile, the University’s acceptance rate is marked at 78%.


9. Mercer University

Students searching for a far-reaching nursing school can include Mercer University in their list. This private institution has three campuses across Georgia and initially began its nursing program focused on training Christian students.

The Georgia Baptist College of Nursing is among the oldest nursing programs there is in the state until 2001 when it became a part of Mercer University. It is known globally for its top-notch nursing education. However, the Christians values imbued in the honing of student nurses still exist today in this university.

So, if students wish to foster and take on the nursing path with a Christian viewpoint and care, then this is a place to study.

Their partnership with Mercer University’s School of medicine and Piedmont Healthcare system has endowed students with the amazing opportunity to learn innovative solutions to modern health problems. Simulated clinical settings and rotations grace their nursing curricula, and among its state-of-the-art facilities lie its core focus of providing nurses a specific field, specialization, or advancement.

According to the U.S. News Nursing School compass, Mercer University ranked no. 22 in the best nursing schools offering a master’s degree. The institution has an excellent reputation around its area with hospital partnerships in Atlanta.  

The university offers campus housing for students who may have a problem with commuting, plus it has a decent NCLEX rate of 86%, The current tuition (A.Y. 2021-2022) is about $12,413.

10. Emory University

If the students are after a low teacher-student ratio combined with good quality nursing education, Emory University is a school to consider. While it is a good nursing school that consistently ranks with its nursing program, Emory’s high in-state tuition is one thing to think about before applying.

The high tuition fees translate to top-notch nursing educators and a comprehensive curriculum, which makes it one of the top 3 nursing schools in this list. There’s no doubt that this institution has a high employment rate for their traditional nursing graduates of about 88%, which usually runs in the span of just three months after graduation.

In 2017, Emory University was considered the leading research center for nurses. World-class simulation centers also embellish their nursing program, which mainly includes the Charles F. and Peggy Evans Center for caring skills focused on providing hands-on nursing care.

Emory’s annual tuition is $53,070 with an amazing NCLEX pass rate of 96.26%, making it one of the best nursing school options in Georgia. The overall acceptance rate is 19%.

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