Very basic dosage calculations refresher – Dosage Calcs

Common Conversion Factors in Medical Dosage Calculations

As a healthcare professional, you have to convert patient weights, fluid volumes, medication weights, and more. Conversion math isn’t hard to do as long as you know the basic conversion factors. Here are the most useful ones:

Converting lb to kg and kg to lb

lb = kg × 2.2

kg = lb ÷ 2.2

Converting mL to L and L to mL

mL = L × 1,000

L = mL ÷ 1,000

Converting mg to g, g to mg, mg to mcg, and mcg to mg

mg = g × 1,000

g = mg ÷ 1,000

mcg = mg × 1,000

mg = mcg ÷ 1,000


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