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NCLEX Practice Tests Top 10 Benefits of Practice Exams for Nursing School and NCLEX Test Prep Are you struggling with your nursing school exams? Or do you want to prepare yourself for the nerve-wracking National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX? Whether you want better grades while attending your nursing school or you are a nursing … Read more

Nursing Diagnosis Guide and Nursing Care Plan

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Nursing Diagnosis Examples How to write a nursing diagnosis Nursing Diagnosis Guide Nursing diagnosis is a clinical judgment about a person’s, families, groups, or community response to health conditions/life processes or vulnerability to that response. A nursing diagnosis serves as the foundation for deciding which nursing actions to use in order to accomplish outcomes for … Read more

Wandering Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Care Plan

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Wandering Nursing Care Plans Diagnosis and Interventions Wandering NCLEX Review and Nursing Care Plans Wandering or becoming lost is typical in patients with cognitive problems. Even if the patient has never wandered before, this situation can happen in the early stages of different memory disorders. Wandering is also linked to several illnesses, including autism spectrum … Read more

Hopelessness Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Care Plan

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Hopelessness Nursing Care Plans Diagnosis and Interventions Hopelessness NCLEX Review and Nursing Care Plans When a patient sees no way out of their position and is unable to motivate themselves to overcome challenges, they become hopeless. Patients with chronic conditions or catastrophic injuries who are unable to live life to their full potential frequently experience … Read more

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