EKG Rhythm Quiz

EKG Rhythm Quiz This is a nice 13 min video quiz with explanations.  A nice refresher.  All blocks are covered. A rhythm that I would like to include a strip of is Asystole.     So review and good luck.

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Level 1 Rapid Infuser (Skills)

Blood and Fluid Warming Systems: When a patient has significant blood loss from trauma or surgery, the Level 1 is able to provide a rapid flow of warmed blood or IV fluids. Most hospital ER’s/Trauma Bay’s/ and, or ICU’s  have this equipment in place. The Level 1 can provide rapid and warmed fluids i.e crystalloid and/or blood to patients with […]

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Set up Chest Tube Drainage w/DOPE mnemonic (Skills)

Remember the DOPE Mnemonic for assessing air leaks: D: Dislodgement O: Obstruction P: Pneumothorax E: Equipment Failure Assessment When doing your assessment, Assess the color of drainage in the drainage tubing and collection chamber. Know that old drainage in the collection chamber may inaccurately reflect current drainage as shown in the tubing. At regular intervals (at least every 8 hours), […]

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