Perioperative Nurse Career and Job Description

perioperative nurse

Perioperative Nursing Job Description Nursing Study Guide on Perioperative Nursing Perioperative nursing is a field of nursing that involves the provision of holistic care to a patient under surgical management. The prefix “peri” means “around” or “about”, and the word “operative” refers to operation or surgery. Thus, perioperative nursing has a broad scope that encompasses … Read more

Nurses do you know the facts about the Official “Do Not Use” List

Nurse Charting

The joint commissions status update on how registered nurses, LPN, LVN, and other nursing fields should avoid the words listed in the article below, it outlines the “Do not Use” list for nursing and medical staff on charting.  These abbreviations have been shown to be misread multiple times.  Computerized charting has helped alleviate some errors from … Read more