Coumadin Nursing Considerations

Coumadin Nursing Considerations

Coumadin Nursing Implications Coumadin Education for Nurses Coumadin is a prescription blood thinner that prevents normal blood clotting (coagulation). It’s also referred to as an anticoagulant. In many countries, warfarin is sold under the brand name Coumadin. Many people call coumadin “blood thinners,” even though it does not truly thin the blood. Coumadin makes the … Read more

Oncology Nurse Job Description and Requirements

oncology nursing

Nursing Study Guide on Oncology Nursing Oncology nursing is a nursing subspecialty focusing on the care of patients with cancer. Becoming a certified oncology nurse requires advanced education, certifications, and clinical experience, oftentimes more than what a typical BSN program provides. Goals of Oncology Nursing Oncology nursing care can be defined as ensuring the needs … Read more

Perioperative Nurse Career and Job Description

perioperative nurse

Perioperative Nursing Job Description Nursing Study Guide on Perioperative Nursing Perioperative nursing is a field of nursing that involves the provision of holistic care to a patient under surgical management. The prefix “peri” means “around” or “about”, and the word “operative” refers to operation or surgery. Thus, perioperative nursing has a broad scope that encompasses … Read more