Aspiration Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Care Plan

aspiration nursing diagnosis

Aspiration Nursing Care Plans Diagnosis and Interventions Aspiration NCLEX Review and Nursing Care Plans Aspiration happens when the swallowed food, liquid, or foreign object goes into the airway and respiratory tract instead of the digestive tract. Aspiration can also occur when stomach contents regurgitate from the stomach into the throat and enter the airway. Aspiration … Read more

Normal and Adventitious Lung Sounds tutorial for nursing students

Normal and Adventitious Lung Sounds What are lung sounds Lungs sounds are the same as breath sounds or respiratory sounds, these sounds can be heard (auscultated) on the anterior (front) and posterior (back) of the patients chest wall using a stethoscope. Normal Breath Sounds Normal lung sounds are classified as bronchial, tracheal, or bronchovesicular. When … Read more

Tracheostomy Suctioning and Care Skills

Tracheostomy Care/Tracheostomy Suctioning Procedure Purpose: to ensure and maintain a patent airway and help prevent infection. Equipment: sterile tracheostomy care tray with 2 trays sterile suction catheter trach dressing gauze sponges drape trach ties brush forceps pipe cleaner gloves Also need: cleaning solution; normal saline/sterile water; suction apparatus; sterile saline for instillation; anesthesia bag for … Read more