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Nursing Practice Exams, NCLEX, Dosage calculations, and Fundamentals of Nursing

Nursing student practice exams free. NCLEX Practice exams, Fundamentals in nursing practice exams, Dosage calculation practice exams for nursing students.

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Practice Exams

Here we have a nice collection of practice exams.  Many students know the content, but also have test taking anxiety.  Practice tests should be done often if not weekly to get the student used the types of questions asked.

Practice nursing NCLEX exams:

  1. NCLEX review 74 questions
  2. NCLEX RN Practice 100 questions
  3. NCLEX HESI 57 questions

CEN Practice Exams:

  1. CEN practice 36 questions
  2. CEN GI practice test 20 questions
  3. CEN Burns 39 practice questions
  4. CEN Diabetes practice 20 questions
  5. CEN Pharmacology nursing exam 40 questions

Acid Base Balance Nursing:

  1. Nursing acid base balance 17 questions

Cardiology Practice Exams:

  1. Atrial Fibrillation 15 Questions

Dosage Calculations:

  1. Conversions 20 Questions
  2. Dosage Calculations 10 Questions
  3. Dosage Calculations 12 Questions
  4. Dosage Calculations 3A 30 Questions

EKG Practice Exams:

  1. EKG Practice test 68 questions

Endocrine exam

  1. Endocrine Review 20 questions

Fundamentals of Nursing:

  1. Fundamentals of Nursing 1 (100 questions)
  2. Fundamentals of Nursing 2 (200 questions)

GU/GI Exams

  1. GI practice exam 10 questions

Maternal Child Nursing Practice Exam:

  1. Maternal Child practice exam 25 questions
  2. Maternal Child Practice exam 2 – 25 questions

Medical Surgical practice exam:

  1. Medical Surgical 117 Questions #1

Pediatric nursing exams:

  1. Pediatric review exam 15 questions
  2. Pediatric Nursing NCLEX type practice exam 100 Questions

Pharmacology nursing practice exams:

  1. Pharmacology 1 practice exam 25 questions

 Psych nursing practice exams:

  1. Mental health practice exam 15 questions #1


  1. Physiology practice exam #1 (26 questions)

Respiratory nursing exams:

  1. Respiratory exam 42 questions

Teas Practice Tests

  1. Teas Practice Test 21 questions
  2. Teas Test #2 Math 28 questions


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