A Letter From a Past Student of Mine

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I wanted to share a letter with all the students on this website.  This letter shows how this nursing student thought that she would fail out of nursing school and instead of giving up, she fought and motivated herself to go on. She was even inducted into the nursing honor society.  Please read and know that if you really want to be a nurse, never give up…..


“Good afternoon Prof. XXXXX,

My name is XXXXXXXXX and I was one of your first students at XXXXX University for my Med-Surg II clinical rotation at XXXXXX hospital back in February-March 2014 with Prof. XXXXXX. I know it has been awhile and you may not remember me but I hope I can remind you a little better through this email. I am writing this to you in hopes that I could request a strong letter of recommendation from you. I have recently graduated and have passed the NCLEX. I am in the process of looking for new grad programs, and will be applying soon in a few weeks.
I am personally asking a letter from you due to the following reason:
  • Med-Surg II was one of the toughest courses I have taken in nursing school. I believe that your understanding of nursing student’s positions and desire to assist us has been an inspiration to me. You understood how difficult our theory/lecture class was and despite however demanding clinical was, you ensured our success. You helped ease our rotation and even made clinical something to look forward to. It was very easy to go to you about any questions or other insights, and you always had a positive, energetic attitude. That is the kind of inspirational nurse I would like to be.
  • Our clinical rotation was on a Telemetry unit. Although I am open to any areas of nursing as an undergrad, I have been very interested to go into Tele, or some type of cardiac care unit.

To tell you more about myself, I reluctantly admit that I almost failed Med-Surg II theory class and even almost wanted to drop out. But clinical with you was a reminder that this is what I wanted to do. In the end, I believe I have hardworking ethics that enabled me to graduate with honors and even become inducted into the school’s nursing honor society. Furthermore, after Med-Surg II, I signed up to be a peer mentor to help students like myself become motivated and be a source of guide for them as they go through their own nursing journey.

 Thank you once more!
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Anna Curran. RN, BSN, PHN

Anna Curran. RN, BSN, PHN
Clinical Nurse Instructor

Emergency Room Registered Nurse
Critical Care Transport Nurse
Clinical Nurse Instructor for LVN and BSN students

Anna began writing extra materials to help her BSN and LVN students with their studies and writing nursing care plans. She takes the topics that the students are learning and expands on them to try to help with their understanding of the nursing process and help nursing students pass the NCLEX exams.

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