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Types of blood components

Types of Blood Components:


Whole Blood

  • Provides all blood components, although clotting factors deteriorate if product is older than 24 hours
  • Must be ABO compatible
  • Comes in 500 mL volumes
  • Give 20 mL/kg in children

Packed Red Blood Cells

  • Elevates HGB levels by 1 g/dl and HCT by 3% per unit
  • Best blood product to rapidly elevate oxygen carrying capacity
  • Must be ABO compatible
  • Comes in 250 mL volumes
  • Give 10 mL/kg in children


Fresh Frozen Plasma

  • The fluid of one unit of human blood that has been frozen solid within six hours of collection to preserve clotting factors
  • Useful for hypovolemia combined with hemorrhage caused by clotting deficiencies
  • Must be ABO compatible
  • Takes 20 minutes to thaw and must be used within 6 hours of thawing


  • Does not need to b ABO compatible
  • Used for conditions such as hemophilia , von Willebrand disease , hypofibrinogenemia and factor VIII deficiency
  • Multiple units may be ordered (one unit for every 7-10kg in children)



  • Prepared from plasma and rich in factor VIII, fibrinogen, von Willebrand factor, and factor XIII.
  • Is frequently given for bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and DIC
  • Must be ABO compatible

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