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Nasogastric Insertion Demonstration NGT

Nasogastric Insertion Demonstration NGT

NG tubes may be used for feeding or for drainage – read your instructions thoroughly as this will dictate the type of tube you need to use. Essentially you are inserting a tube from the patients nose into their stomach.

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There are several absolute contraindications for insertion so you should be aware of these. For full guidance go to the NPSA website.

This is a skill that is important to know. Most medical schools now have mannequins to practice this on, although it’s not frequently examined upon. However it is very useful to know how to do – you don’t want your first time to be the middle of the night as a junior doctor when the nurses, who normally do it, call you as they cannot!

Subject steps

  1. At the end of this skill you should indicate to the examiner that you would now arrange a chest x-ray to ensure correct positioning of the NGT.

– See more at: http://www.osceskills.com/e-learning/subjects/nasogastric-tube-insertion/#sthash.QxGZZSay.dpuf

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