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Nurses have the best choices when it comes to career changes

One of the wonderful things about being a nurse is that you have so many alternatives to career changes if you suffer from burn out.

Do you like computers? Go into healthcare informatics. This is the big and upcoming trend and computerized charting is not only becoming the mainstay, it is also becoming the law. Here you can help write the programs that are involved in nurse charting, assist with development of programs like programming of IV pumps etc.

Nurse during their careers develop wonderful communication skills. Maybe a career in Real Estate or teaching?

Need a break from the floor, maybe telephone triage is more your style. If you look hard enough there are even companies that will allow you to do this from home.

Speaking of working from home there are also some dictation services that you can do from home. These jobs however, seem to pay more by page then by hour.

Writing CE’s to help other nurses meet their requirements for re-licensure can also help when you need to take a break and this will help you stay on top of the latest in research.

In conclusion, there are so many diverse opportunities in nurses that you can find you nitch when you want to take a break.


Anna C. RN-BC, BSN, PHN, CMSRN Anna began writing extra materials to help her BSN and LVN students with their studies. She takes the topics that the students are learning and expands on them to try to help with their understanding of the nursing process. She is a clinical instructor for LVN and BSN students along with a critical care transport nurse.

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